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It is an aliphatic polyester polyurethane resin-based , two-component , colored flooring with a high content of solids and low viscosity, which is used as topcoat with a plain and bright appearance of the paint systems designed as multilayer or thin coating. It provides high UV resistance.


  • On the concrete , cement or epoxy mortars for all industrial floors ;
  • For the units of warehouses , hangars and repair-maintenance and assembly with forklift , loader and heavy vehicle traffic ;
  • For  multilayer systems applicable on outdoor at the factories, workshops
  • On outdoor insulation products
  • As a top coat paint which has decorative, corrosion and UVresistant for floors subject to medium to heavy load


A 20-kg set of COSMO TOP COAT 440 consists of Component in one pail of net 16 kg and Component B in one gallon of net 4 kg.


  • Applicable with airless spray paint application equipment ;
  • Resistant to diesel , petrol and many chemicals ;
  • High corrosion resistance ; Hard- flexible structure ,
  • High UV resistance.


Surface Preparation: Floor surface should be clean and steady. Care should be given to the wait time of over coating for the previous primer or mid coat.

Strength: Mechanically , it resists against mechanical effect of medium to high load. And thermally , it resists up to +80°C at humid temperature (also without any chemical and mechanical effect) and up to +120°C at dry temperature.

Application Conditions:

Relative humidity of the air should be 80% maximum and the application (ambient and surface) temperature should be between 5 and 35 °C.

-In case it is applied outdoors, it should not be rainy 48 hours before and after and during the application.

-Surface temperature should be 3°C above the then dew point. (Please call our firm for the Ambient temperature-Ambient Moisture-Dew Point table.

Mixing Procedure: It is a two-component product and it should , therefore , be prepared at the mix ratio specified for the quantity to be used , taking into consideration the pot life. For a homogenous mixture , make sure that the product temperature should not be less than 15°C. Component A should be stirred by itself by use of a mechanical mixer quickly and then the hardener (Component B) should be added , taking care of the mix ratio. . Components A and B should be stirred by using a mechanical mixer for minimum 3 minutes until you have a homogenous mixture and should be allowed to rest for 5-10 minutes. Make sure the prepared mixture is consumed during the pot life of the mixture.

Surface Application: After made ready to apply , the mixture is preferably applied by airless spray or roller with short hair in amount specified in the paint system or in such amount to obtain the desired dry film thickness as controlled by wet film comb.

Wait time between the coats is minimum 24 hours (20°C) and maximum 5 days. It is very important that the second coat should be applied within the time for over coating specified above. It reaches to a full mechanical and chemical strength in about 7 days.

Clean Up: Cellulosic or Epoxy Thinner.



Store the product in a cool and dry place. Shelf life of the product is 1 year for Components A and B when stored properly in the original container unopened.



Finish Gloss
Color All colors
Density (20˚C) 1,30 ± 0,05 kg/l (A+B)
Mixing Ratio 4:1 (A:B – by weight)
Solids by volume %75 (A+B)
Pot Life          (+10°C) 120 minutes
                        (+30°C) 50 minutes
Wait Time Between Coats



24 hours

Light Traffic (20˚C) 1 day
Fully Cured (20˚C) 7 days
Taber Abrasion Resistance 50 mg (at full cure)
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