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Area of use

The PP 600 Primer is used for pretreatment of floor surfaces prior to application of Combimix all self-leveling products. The primer has high alkali resistance and ensures good bonding between the substrate and the levelling layer. The primer creates a film that reduces the formation of pinholes in the levelling layer.


The substrate should be clean and free of dust, cement skin, grease and other impurities that can prevent adhesion. In terms of the primer forming a film, the temperature of the substrate must not fall below 10 °C. For best results, the ambient temperature in the work area should be between 10 and 25 °C. The relative humidity (RH) in the work area should be under 80 %.


PP 600 Primer is diluted with clean water in a mixing vessel. For correct ratio, read the guide on the packaging. The dilution of water and primer is easily mixed by stirring. Always ensure good ventilation while priming the substrate, since it promotes drying.


The primer solution should be distributed evenly over the floor surface and then brushed into the substrate with a soft brush. Avoid puddling of primer. When laying the screed in two layers, every layer must be primed. High absorbent subfloors is recommended to be primed twice. The first priming should be diluted 1:5 and the second 1:3. First priming do not need to dry before priming two is performed. On concrete surfaces it is normally sufficient with one priming, where the primer should be diluted 1:3. On a surface that is not absorbent should the priming be diluted 1:1 and dry powder poured onto substrate and brushed out as thin as possible without leaving any thick build-ups. Note that dried PP 600 Primer is very difficult to remove and any spills should immediately be cleaned up with water. Tools and equipment can be cleaned with water.

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