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It is an epoxy resin-based, two-component, solvent-free and color flooring of fast curing, which is used as self levelling multilayer or thin coat coating.

  • On the concrete, cement or epoxy mortars for all industrial floors;
  • In the warehouse, hangar and repair-maintenance units,
  • For epoxy multilayer systems applicable at the factories, workshops, production and packaging sites having a traffic of forklift, loader and heavy vehicles
  • On surfaces subject to medium to heavy load in many places which require mechanical, chemical and wear resistance by mixing silica sand.

A 24-kg set of RESIN EP SELF consists of Component A in one pail of net 20 kg and Component B in one gallon of net 4 kg.

  • Solvent-free,
  • Easy to apply, due to better spread gives uniform and smooth glossy surface,
  • Fast curing, after application, even in winter conditions after one day, suitable surface gives for pedestrian traffic,
  • High compression and wear resistance,
  • Easy to clean and resistant to chemicals
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