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COSMO BENTO SHEET is “geo-synthetic clay blanket” made of clay mineral that characteristic of perfect expansion comprised of two (or more) geotextile and bentonite layer.

COSMO BENTO SHEET is a water isolation material obtained by including 6.5 kilogram of sodium bentonite per square meter between two polypropylene geotextile by using special needling method. Hydraulic features of bentonite product is provided.

Bentonite soaks up the water in surrounding soil however expanding process is prevented due the layer pressure, this causes formation of tight layer providing impermeability for structural elements. COSMO BENTO SHEET replaces all traditional mineral fillings. Better impermeability performance, cost efficiency and being environmentally friendly are the most important reasons of selecting the COSMO BENTO SHEET solution.


COSMO BENTO SHEET may be used to insulate any kind of structure as follows;

  • Tunnels,
  • Basements,
  • Underground garages,
  • Plain roofs,
  • Vertical and horizontal underground insulations of buildings,
  • All other objects,
  • Also this may be equipped to render SALINE WATER application as suitable,
  • Foundation insulation of reinforced concrete buildings,
  • Bored pile, diaphragm curtain, single side curtain insulation,
  • Foundation and surface impermeability elements of waste disposal areas (waste burial grounds),
  • Ducts and collection pools,
  • Tank storage areas,
  • Composting facilities
  • Biotopes,
  • Tunnels and building impermeability elements,
  • Filtering and collection pools,
  • Surface flow pools,
  • Roads passing through protected areas, and many more
  • Ponds,
  • COSMO BENTO SHEET Sand-mat is laid rapidly and accurately under dry conditions due to sand ballast. It may also laid under-water or sea vessels,
  • Sand-may is ideal for the use in all shore locations such as sea embankments, jetties, sets, dams and soil sets.
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