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It is a modified epoxy resin-based, two-component, containing anticorrosive zinc phosphate pigment, surface tolerant primer

  • On mechanically cleaned new steel surfaces where surface cleaning cannot be done properly, on previously painted solid surfaces and on galvanized steel surfaces,
  • On exterior surfaces of the aboveground storage tanks,
  • On vessel parts above and below water,
  • As primer/midcoat for protection of steel and concrete structures and equipment in fresh water and sea water media , as one coat protective coating where color change is negligible

A 27,5 -kg set of COSMO EPOXY TOL PRIMER consists of Component A in one pail of net 25 kg and Component B in one
gallon of net 2,5 kg

  • Excellent adhesion, elasticity, corrosion and water resistance,
  • Excellent adhesion to the surfaces where limited surface cleaning can be performed,
  • Long recoating interval

Store the product in a cool and dry place. Shelf life of the product is 1 year for Components A and B when stored properly in the original container unopened


Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prepared as per the related EU directives before use


Surface Preparation:

All surfaces to be painted should be clean, dry and free of any impurities
New metal surfaces: Oil and grease on the metal surface should be cleaned off by help of solvent, detergent or steam; salt and other impurities should be removed off by high pressure fresh water. After cleaning, scraping should be performed at a minimum level of Sa 2½ as per the standard ISO 8501 . Surface cleanliness of St 2 – St 3 according to ISO 8501-1 is sometimes allowed depending upon the conditions. Depending on ambient conditions, blasted surfaces must be primed in maximum 5 hours.

Previously Painted Surfaces: Oil and grease should be cleaned off by help of detergent; salt and other impurities should be removed off by high pressure fresh water. If the aged coating is in a good condition, it is slightly sanded. Otherwise remove all the cracked and peeling paint by using hand tools to a cleanliness of St 2 – St 3 according to ISO 8501-1. If applicable blast cleaning to Sa 2 – Sa 2½ according to ISO 8501-1 level to get better results.
Water jetting is also applicable as an alternative to abrasive blasting assuming that a tough and tight film isremained after jetting. Coating performance, in general is proportional to the degree of surface preparation. As excessive amount of salt accumulates in the thick layers of rust, firstly dry abrasive scraping should be performed and secondly it should be washed with high pressure fresh water and finally abrasive scraping is recommended at the desired level. Better surface preparation will improve performance of COSMO EPOXY TOL PRIMER
Concrete surfaces: If the surface is hard and rough, it should be prepared with abrasive scrape until getting a uniform surface and, if it is not possible, by using other mechanical methods or etching and then cleaned with pressure fresh water. A proper sealer should be applied. Prior to the application surface must be clean and dry.
Touch up: Prior to retouch, the surface should be clean, dry and free of any dirt. After the cleaning according to ISO 8501 standart at St 2 level the retouch should be executed as soon as possible.
Strength: Thermally, it resists up to +80°C at humid temperature (also without any chemical and mechanical effect) and up to +120°C at dry temperature.

Application Conditions:

-Maximum relative humidity of the air should be 80%, and application (ambient and surface) temperature should be between 0 °C and 35 °C.
– In case it is applied outdoors, it should not be rainy during and 12 hours after the application.
– Surface temperature should not exceed 50°C for applications to be performed under direct sunlight.
– When it is very windy, no application should be performed outdoors as it would increase consumption.
– Surface temperature should be 3°C above the then dew point. (Please call our firm for the Ambient temperature-Ambient Moisture-Dew Point table.)

Mixing Procedure:
It is a two-component product and it should, therefore, be prepared at the mix ratio specified for the quantity to be used, taking into consideration the pot life. For a homogenous mixture, make sure that the product temperature should not be less than 15°C. Component A should be stirred by itself by use of a mechanical mixer quickly and then the hardener (Component B) should be added, taking care of the mix ratio. Components A and B should be stirred by using a mechanical mixer for minimum 3 minutes until you have a homogenous mixture. After it is brought to the application viscosity with Epoxy Thinner, it should be allowed to rest for 10-15 minutes and should be given to consume it within the pot life.

Surface Application:
Prior to the application with ready-to-apply mix all weld seams and sharp angels shall be striped. Applied based on the consumption values that are stated in the actual point system; or by checking with the wet film thickness gauge until the desired dry film thickness is acquired. Avoid of spray dust and excessive film thickness in the application.

Clean Up: Cellulosic or Epoxy Thinner

  • COSMO EPOXY TOL PRIMER is applied at low temperatures without waiting for sufficient preliminary time or is exposed to rain or dew in the drying process, the exudation may occur such as expected from all epoxy systems and thus cause formations such as bleaching and spots. In addition if exposed to permanent UV lights, tends to chalking and discoloration.
  •  If maximum recoating time is exceeded, the surface shall be roughened. If surface is exposed to long term contamination it shall be washed with pressurized fresh water and waited to be dry before use
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