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COSMO FLEX PU 25 is thixotropic,permanent elastic, cold applied and col-to-use, single-component, polyurethane elastomer (plastic), and filler material, used for to fill joints. SNJF elastomer is a category 1. It shows the protective effect in contact with the round and air moisture. It is resistant to oils, fuel and UV radiation.


COSMO FLEX PU 25 is used for;

  • Expansion joints in heavy and light prefabrication and traditional masonry.
  • Joint sealant for driveways and garage floors, and warehosue, factory and industrial floors and petrochemicals projects.
  • Joint sealant for airport runway, fuel oil stations.
  • Joint sealant for medium movement joints.
  • Interiror decoration; tiles, ridge tales and plinths.
  • Joint sealant for cracks.

COSMO FLEX PU 25 is supplied in white and grey in 600 ml pcking, with 20 pieces per box.


Depends on the volume of the joint or crack to be filled.

  • It is polyurethane based one component cold applied.
  • Good abrasion resistant and excellent adhesion.
  • It is resistant to dynamic modements.
  • It is resistant fuel, oil and industrial water.
  • It is resistance to UV radiation.
  • Adheres perfectly on most of te construction materials: concrete, metal, glass, anodized aluminum, wood material and so on.
  • Oily and industrial water resistant.
  • Maintains its mechanical properties over a temperature span of -30 C to + 90 C.
  • Frost resistant.
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