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COSMO PUR PRIMER is a one component , polyurethane based primer suitable for all substrates. It can be used successfully on both porous or non- porous substrates.

It is characterised by its very low viscosity and balanced curing speed which result in excellent wetting, impregnation and paint-over time on all substrates , whether of high, low or no porosity (e.g. glass and metals). Additionally , it can be effectively used on both dry and wet concrete, even green concrete , not only as primer but also as a low-cost sealing solution , increasing , thus , the durability of the substrate.


To be used as primer for:

  • Humid, damp or wet concrete,
  • non-porous substrates
  • lso, for use as concrete sealer
  • Will discolor when used on its own exposed. This is purely visual and does not affect the performance of the membrane.

20 kg.

  • One component.
  • Of low viscosity.
  • Easily applied, even on wet concrete.
  • Excellent wetting, impregnation and paint-over time.
  • Elastic.
  • Many pigment pastes available.A low cost solution for concrete sealing & protection.
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