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COSMO REPAIRING EPOXY , is a 3 parts 100% solids epoxy system designed for outstanding chemical and moisture resistance. It is designed as a high strength, non-shrink epoxy grouting material will also cure at low temperatures (40°F) and high humidity. The repairing system is consist of special cement and special aggregate which exhibits superior physical characteristics when compared with typical epoxy filler systems. The liquid binder system is unique when compared with conventional epoxy binder systems, in that it will cure at low temperatures and on damp substrates .

COSMO REPAIRING EPOXY is a thixotropic mortar based on a 3-component solvent free epoxy resin, hardener and containing fillers. Bond and fill a wide variety of building and construction materials and may be used in both dry and damp conditions thereby providing an adhesive mortar ideally suited to site application. May be used as a thin layer levelling mortar, repair mortar or adhesive for most building materials (concrete, brick, stone, ceramics, cement mortar, GRC, fibrous cement, iron and steel and epoxy mortar) ,and may also be used to anchor holding down bolts, starter bars etc. As a bonding bridge between old and new concrete , and concrete elements cracks repairing by injection inside cracks .

The material is also ideally suited for bonding of external reinforcement and as a general structural adhesive. Special higher strength grades of the material are available for segmental bridge and other construction.


A: Resin
B: Hardener
C: Cementitious Powder

  • High compressive strength.
  • Non-shrink, high modulus.
  • Strong bond to concrete and steel.
  • Rapid cure and early strength.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Coefficient of expansion approach to the concrete.
  • Bonds well to moist surfaces.
  • Economical alternative to costly rip outs or toppings .
  • Excellent moisture vapor transmission for enhanced resistance to blistering, chipping, peeling.
  • Superior flexural and tensile characteristics coupled with exceptional abrasion resistance for a durable finish.
  • Applicable at low temperatures.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Easily applied – thixotropic, non-sag.
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