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COSMO FLEX PU 30 is a two component, horizontal grade polyurethane sealant ideal for large construction joints. Upon curing it produces a high performance sealant that also provides significant waterproofing, with excellent resistance to various climatic and temperature conditions. Furthermore, the sealant has very good resistance to chemicals and other severe exposures.

  • Sealing of large expansion construction joints
  • Sealing of joints in Water tanks
  • Sealing of joints in Irrigation channels
  • Sealing of joints in airport runways

2 Kg Component A + 4 Kg Component B and
4 Kg Component A + 8 Kg Component B


The product complies with:

  • ASTM C920
  • DIN 18540
  • SS-S-200D
  • SS-S-200E , Type H (slow curing, hand mixing)

Not recommended for unsound substrates.

  • Excellent resistance to ageing , microorganisms, fungi and several chemicals
  • Suitable for potable water (certificate available upon request).
  • Oven paint-able.
  • Remains elastic even below -40oC.
  • Resistant to both salt water and sweet water.
  • Good resistance to microorganisms and a variety of chemicals.
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Resistant to accidental contact with petroleum derivatives according to specification SS-S-200E
  • Special Primers available for almost any substrate.
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