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COSMO AQUA PRIMER is a revolutionary epoxy based primer/coating formulated by ETS Europe research and development laboratory. It is a twocomponent, water based, epoxy coating, specially formulated for use in a 1:1 by volume ratio. This allows the user to consume even the smallest quantities and store the material for future needs. The viscosity of the material is low and the pot life long, making it ideal for DIY applications.COSMO AQUA PRIMER can be easily colored with universal pigment pastes available in hardware stores and can be filled with equal parts of quartz sand giving rise to an excellent protective coating for concrete and metal surfaces. The material displays very low levels of yellowing upon prolonged exposure to UV.

  • Primer for COSMO AQUA range of polyurethane dispersion products as well as Hypertectum® and Epoxy range.
  • Primer when humidity barrier properties are required
  • Sealing coat for concrete,
  • Adhesive layer between old and new concrete,
  • Anti-Dust Floor coating
  • Protective coating for old metal based structures.
  • Can be apply even 140° C surface temperature

Component A: 1 Lit, 4 Lit
Component B: 1 Lit, 4 Lit

  • 1:1 By volume application ratio
  • Quick curing even at lower temperatures
  • Low-odor, safe and non-flammable (zero VOC).
  • Suitable for application in closed spaces.
  • Easy clean-up.
  • Strong adhesion even on damp or green concrete. Also on iron, galvanized steel, aluminium, glass and wood.
  • Good chemical resistance mechanical properties and abrasion resistance.
  • Easy coloring with water based pigment paste
  • Visible pot-life
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