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It is an epoxy resin-based, two-component, solvent-free, low viscosity, primer – mid-coat – leveling and thick coat floor coating.

  • For priming the concrete, cement or epoxy grout, bitumen felt, because of creating high mechanical and chemical resistance floor,
  • As a primer layer before application of epoxy or polyurethane top-coats for floors subject to medium to heavy load,
  • As a binder for preparation of level stabilization, repair and improvement mortar;
  • For repair of big cracks and form of chamfering by mixing with silica sand or different fills,

A 14-kg set of COSMO EPOXY PRIMER consists of Component A) in one pail of net 10 kg and Component B (in one gallon of net 4 kg .

  • Low viscosity,
  • High wetting capability,
  • Excellent adhesion capability,
  • Resistant to heavy loads,
  • Applied on damp concrete,
  • Multi-purpose.
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