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HYPERTECTUM MACRO SEALER is a two-component, solvent-less primer, for use with the HYPERTECTUM®System and other polyurethane based products within the ENVIRONMENT TECHNICAL SERVICES line-up. It is fast-curing and non-toxic (has zero V.O.C.). Primer ideal for use in cold climates or low humidity conditions.

  • On damp concrete.
  • Ape or wet concrete.
  • Ventilation for non-enviroments
  • Asphalt and asphaltic membranes.
  • Water reservoirs made of concrete, steel or other materials.

Component A: 9 Kg
Component B: 6 Kg

  • Excellent adhesion to almost any type of surface.
  • Solvent-less: Suitable for application in closed spaces.
  • Cures even at low temperatures and on wet concrete.
  • Highly hydrophobic.
  • Can provide an effective sealing coat if charged with mineral fillers.
  • Can be used as filler adn adhesive for geotextiles.
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