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COSMO BAND; is dilatation band which has high elasticity, thermoplastic and is used for insulation of cracks and dilatation gaps, expanstion joints.

It is tested according to ABP DIN 500143-2 3/50-2 – DIN 16726- DIN EN ISO 527 – DIN 13484- DIN EN 193 for A1, A2 ve C deformation classes.

  • The dilatation of the horizontal and vertical building applications,
  • Foundations and walls that remain under the soil,
  • Tunnels and curlverts,
  • Raft-partition, partition-raft cold joints insulation,
  • Water tanks, pools, drinking water, waste water treatment plants.
  • The property of high elasticity to 600%,
  • Adhering to dry or slightly damp concrete,
  • Resistant to plant roots,
  • High performance in different temperature ranges (-40 +80 °C)
  • Ozone, gasoline and oil resistant,
  • Easy applied with epoxy adhesive,
  • To be able to connected each other with heat,
  • It is manufactured as perforated or non-perforated.
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