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COSMO GROUT is cement, high strength, non-shrinking, self-compacting grout.

  • In the manufacture of curtains and colomn headers
  • In the assembly of prefabricated concrete structural elements
  • Power plants
  • Fixing the base of steel coumn
  • All kinds of industrial machinery, generators, compressors and pumps for fixing
  • Reinforced concrete and steel coil(heat insulation) filling the gaps that are left is used for applications in a controlled manner.

25 kg polyethylene reinforced paper bags.

  • Alone mixed with water is poured into the mold and easy to apply.
  • Provides high adhesion to concrete and the reinforcement.
  • Has a high compressive strength.
  • Freeze-thaw cycle resistant
  • High fluid properties.
  • Do not vomit water, plastics, and expanded in the early hardening phase.
  • The physical properties of the weather conditions during the service period does not change.
  • Impermeable to water, resistant to chlorine,sulfate wastes,oils.
  • Does not shrink.
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